LEES Winter School

International PhD program LEES
International and public Law, Ethics & Economics for Sustainability​


Sustainable development, inequalities reduction and social justice: institutions and social preferences

The school focuses on the interplay between the sustainable ecological transition and unacceptable inequalities, aware that the main obstacle to a sustainable model of development is not lack of technology, but lies in the intra and intergenerational allocation of costs and benefits of the transition.

The subject will be addressed in an interdisciplinary and open discussion, that will be organized around three main questions:

  1. considering the Law, Ethics, and Economics perspective, what are the relationships and the needed trade-offs between climate change mitigation, the ecological transition, and intergenerational and intragenerational justice?
  2. what are the institutions that can support the ecological transition while also reducing inequalities and informing the allocation of costs and benefits with justice concerns? Is it possible to overcome the traditional separation between social justice and private law institutions (market institutions) including social justice considerations beyond efficiency?
  3. can such institutions be incentive-compatible (institutions as equilibria) and be supported by emerging social norms and preferences favorable to norms conformity?


Lorenzo Sacconi

Professor of Economic Policy

Director of studies, PhD program in Law Ethics and Economics for Sustainability (LEES)

University of Milan


Virginia Cecchini Manara

Assistant Professor
University of Milan

Virginia Cecchini Manara Web Site

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